Berean Bible Reading Plans

Have you been wanting to read through the Bible but can't seem to discipline yourself to get through Leviticus?   Are you a new Christian or one interested in knowing what Christians base their faith on?  Have you been a Christian for many years, even attending multiple topical Bible studies, but wondering what  is the actual chronology of events and how is it all tied together?  Then the Berean Reading Plan is for you!

The Berean Reading Plan will guide you through reading your whole Bible with daily assigned readings.  There are two different plans to choose from; the Beginning to End or the Chronological Order. 

The Beginning to End Plans will take you through the Bible in the traditional Protestant order of the Biblical books from Genesis to Revelation.  The Chronological Order will take you through the Bible in the best known order of events. 

If reading through the whole Bible seems too overwhelming, then the New Testement plan is for you.  The plan does not have daily readings, but it does divided the New Testament into daily sized portions.What will God say to you over the year as you see "His-story" (history) from His perspective?  We cannot hear God speak to us daily and not be changed.  We cannot be changed by our Lord and not be vehicles for change in our world.  Join the Bereans on this exciting journey!