How To Give

There are several ways you can contribute to the ministry of IBC Jurbise

Giving Box

You can simply drop your donation in the giving boxes next to each sanctuary exit. U.S. citizens please read the note to you on this page.

Credit Card / PayPal

Visit the IBC Ministries donation page to donate with a Credit Card/Paypal.  Be sure to select "IBC Jurbise" from the drop-down selector "Designate Church/Ministry".  You can also set up a recurring monthly payment - see below for more details.


Checks should have "IBC Jurbise" listed in the memo line.

Local donations can mailed to:
Chemin du Prince 284,
7050 Jurbise, Belgium

U.S. Citizens should mail checks to:
P.O. Box 833276

Richardson, TX 75083-3276

Bank Transfer

European SEPA bank transfer information:
IBAN:  BE69 0017 4625 0378

For information on US bank or wire transfers please email:

Recurring Monthly Donations
& Note For Donations Via Credit Card / PayPal

If you would like to make your donation a recurring monthly donation:

Go to the IBC Ministries donation page

Click on the "Donate" image which will take you to the IBC Ministries PayPal payment page

Check the box on the IBC Ministries PayPal payment page that says "Make This Recurring (Monthly)"

Please email Karen at after you set up your monthly donation to ensure IBC Ministries associates your donation with IBC Jurbise.

Special Note: Using the online donation option will reduce your overall donation amount by approximately 3% in overhead processing fees. Additionally, IBC Ministries charges an administrative fee of 1%. If you wish to donate to IBC Jurbise through IBC Ministries, consider donating by check or bank transfer in order to minimize the amount of fees that are deducted.

Note For U.S. Citizens

The IRS does not allow donations given directly to IBC Jurbise to be deducted on your U.S. income tax return.

To claim your contributions to IBC Jurbise as a charitable donation on your U.S. income tax return, you must send your contributions through IBC Ministries. You can do this by sending a check to the IBC Ministries address provided above or by using a tax-deductible online contribution via IBC Ministries. Please make your check payable to "International Baptist Church Ministries" and designate your tithe on the memo line to "IBC Jurbise". IBC Ministries will forward the donation to IBC Jurbise. You can expect IBC Ministries to send a year-end giving statement.