Sunday | December 3, 2017

Reaching the nations through giving!

The annual International Baptist Convention Global Missions Offering is an opportunity for all IBC churches to help reach the nations through giving.

Gifts received are broken into three IBC ministry areas:


Together We Build exists for the purpose of assisting IBC churches in securing facilities through the purchase of property, renovations of existing facilities, or construction of new facilities.  the 2017 TWB recipient: Trinity Baptist Church, Metterich, Germany


Aid and Relief provides immediate aid when disaster strikes, such as the recent gift to rebuild and replace 29 huts of tribal families in Andhra Pradesh, India, in partnership with the Women’s Association for Liberation Transformation and Community Health.


The European Baptist Mission supports church planting, church evangelism, and refugee ministry through the European Baptist Mission International partnership with the Alliance of Baptist Churches in Turkey.

Make a donation to the IBC Global Missions Offering:

Giving Box

You can drop your donation in the giving boxes next to each sanctuary exit.  Please mark your check or donation envelope “Global Missions Offering”.

U.S. citizens please read the note to you below.

Credit Card / Paypal

Visit the IBC Ministries donation page to donate with a Credit Card/Paypal.  Be sure to select “IBC Jurbise” from the drop-down selector “Designate Church/Ministry” and type “IBC Jurbise Global Mission Offering” in the text box.


Checks should have “IBC Jurbise Global Missions Offering” listed in the memo line.

Local donations can mailed to:
Chemin du Prince 284,
7050 Jurbise, Belgium

U.S. Citizens should mail checks to:
P.O. Box 833276
Richardson, TX 75083-3276

Bank Transfers

European SEPA bank transfer information:
IBAN:  BE69 0017 4625 0378

The communications line should indicate “IBC Jurbise Global Missions Offering”

For information on US bank or wire transfers please email:

Note For U.S. Citizens

The IRS does not allow donations given directly to IBC Jurbise to be deducted on your U.S. income tax return.

To claim your contributions to IBC Jurbise as a charitable donation on your U.S. income tax return, you must send your contributions through IBC Ministries. You can do this by sending a check to the IBC Ministries address provided above or by using a tax-deductible online contribution via IBC Ministries. Please make your check payable to “International Baptist Church Ministries” and designate your donation to the Global Missions Offering on the memo line as “IBC Jurbise Global Missions Offering”. You can expect IBC Ministries to send a year-end giving statement.