The International Bible Church in Jurbise, Belgium is a place where the nations come together to worship. We are located in the French speaking Wallonie region of Belgium and only minutes from SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers of Europe). Though our community is relatively small in number, we are rich in diversity-including believers from India, Brazil, Albania, Italy, Romania, Canada, Holland, Germany, the United States, and several other nationalities.  

How did it all begin? In 1967, three families meeting in a home began to pray for the surrounding international community represented largely by the NATO forces that had just relocated from Paris, France to southern Belgium. The following year the International Baptist Church of Casteau, Belgium was founded. Thanks to the visionary faith and sacrificial giving of these early members, property was purchased and construction of IBC’s present church building began.

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of our church, we are thankful for the growth and impact of this local church ministry over the years. Today, we are a church family of about 120 people, children included. Beyond our weekly Sunday worship gathering, our ministries include AWANA, a mentorship program, women’s ministry, small groups (Life Groups) that meet during the week, as well as our francophone ministry towards our French speaking Belgians.

All the while sensing God’s blessing on this ministry, we are painfully aware of the urgent need to “rebuild the walls” (Nehemiah 2:18) of our facilities so that our building is safe and better reflects the beauty of the gospel to those around us. In light of this urgent need, I encourage you as a member and/or friend of our IBC family to prayerfully consider how you can help us “rebuild the walls” of our facility. Our present and recent members have already designated over €17,000 for these much needed improvements. We are now looking for others who will partner with us in this endeavor.

Below you will find updates on our progress and needs during Project Nehemiah. The most urgent of these needs concerns the required safety updates to our building requested by the local Fire Marshal. The other two aspects (flooring and waterproofing) concern much needed upgrades to our building that will enhance our outreach to the community around us.

Join us on the following Saturday mornings from 8:00-am till 12:00 noon as we “rebuild the walls” here at IBC.
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Funding Required (€)

Project Breakdown

Fire Safety

Our most urgent need is to ensure our facilities are in compliance with Belgian fire codes so that we can enjoy the continued use of our building.


The flooring in both our Fellowship Hall and classrooms are worn and needs to be replaced.  This improvement will enhance our facility and outreach to the community.


A huge need for our facility is a solution to waterproof our exterior walls and to stop current water damage and to keep moisture out of the building.


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☑ Fire Safety

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Detailed Cost Breakdown

Internal Fire Rated Doors – €2000 – COMPLETED

Fire rated doors and door casings are required to be installed at 3 locations in the church. The Pastor’s office, the Boiler room, and the room that contains the central electrical panel.

Boiler Room – €3500 – COMPLETED

The boiler room needs an existing vent closed off and a new one opened up on an exterior wall. The ceiling must also be hard capped with a double layer of fire rated sheetrock and a repair to the cascade system that systematically cycles the use of each boiler throughout the day is required.

Fuel Tank – €800 – COMPLETED

Our fuel (mazout) tank need an automatic shutoff device installed along with an inspection to ensure they can remain serviceable for the next 10 years.

Fire Reel/Hose Station – €5000 – COMPLETED

The fire department requires the installation of a fire reel/hose station that is central to the church facility. This will require the installation of a new water line from the main water supply at the street, into the church, and then the installation of a fire hose station. This will be a very involved project and require excavation.

Emergency Lighting – €800 – COMPLETED

Emergency lighting is required to be installed at 8 locations throughout our church.

Fire Resistant Wall – €1000 – COMPLETED

We have a half wall/partition that needs to be removed and replaced with a fire resistant wall.

Entrance Doors – €9000 – COMPLETED

Our two entrance doors need to upgraded and replaced. Neither door meets the proper code requirement for building evacuation and they do not provide adequate security for our facility. The doors must be replaced with commercial grade construction and push-bar mechanisms.

Fire Alarm System – €5000 – COMPLETED

An upgraded fire alarm system is needed that would provide for automatic shutdown of our boilers in the event of a fire. This is a very extensive and expensive addition to our facility that requires hard-wired detectors and sensors in 8 rooms throughout our facility.

Industrial Flooring in Fellowship Hall – €5000

We would especially like to replace the carpeting in the fellowship hall with some industrial grade vinyl/rubber flooring that is both aesthetically appealing and that will easily stand up to the rigors of rambunctious AWANA activities and enable easy cleanup of spills during our fellowship times.

Industrial Flooring in Classrooms – €5000

The flooring in the class rooms is less critical at this time, but will be replaced as funding becomes available.

Water Resistant Building Exterior – €20000

The last big need for our church is to cover the exterior of the facility with a water resistant coating such as stucco. Unbeknownst to us, our facility was never properly finished with the correct exterior brick or block materials. What we currently have for exterior bricks should have been covered with a second layer of structural material such as conventional brick or stucco. This is one of the reasons we’ve had so many issues with dampness in several of our classrooms. The cost of this repairs is uncertain at this time, but may run as high as €20,000 and requires further refinement after we receive bids from contractors.




Fire Safety


Internal Fire Rated Doors
 Boiler Room
Fuel Tank
Fire Reel/Hose
Emergency Lighting
Fire Resistant Wall
Entrance Doors
Fire Alarm System



Fellowship Hall Flooring
 Classroom Flooring



Waterproof Building

Make A Donation

Giving Box

You can drop your donation in the giving boxes next to each sanctuary exit.  Please mark your check or donation envelope “Project Nehemiah”.

U.S. citizens please read the note to you below.

Credit Card / Paypal

Visit the IBC Ministries donation page to donate with a Credit Card/Paypal.  Be sure to select “IBC Jurbise” from the drop-down selector “Designate Church/Ministry” and type “IBC Jurbise Project Nehemiah” in the text box.


Checks should have “IBC Jurbise Project Nehemiah” listed in the memo line.

Local donations can mailed to:
Chemin du Prince 284,
7050 Jurbise, Belgium

U.S. Citizens should mail checks to:
P.O. Box 833276
Richardson, TX 75083-3276

Bank Transfers

European SEPA bank transfer information:
IBAN:  BE69 0017 4625 0378

The communications line should indicate “IBC Jurbise Project Nehemiah”

For information on US bank or wire transfers please email:

Note For U.S. Citizens

The IRS does not allow donations given directly to IBC Jurbise to be used as itemized deductions on your U.S. income tax return.

To claim your contributions to IBC Jurbise as a charitable donation on your U.S. income tax return, you must send your contributions through IBC Ministries. You can do this by sending a check to the IBC Ministries address provided above or by using a tax-deductible online contribution via IBC Ministries. Please make your check payable to “International Baptist Church Ministries” and designate your donation to the Project Nehemiah on the memo line as “IBC Jurbise Project Nehemiah”. IBC Ministries will forward the donation to IBC Jurbise. You can expect IBC Ministries to send a year-end giving statement.